1.13. 1.3.x Branch


1.3.x Branch is affected by the issue described in CVE-2014-2668: DoS (CPU and memory consumption) via the count parameter to /_uuids. Upgrading to a more recent release is strongly recommended.

1.13.1. Upgrade Notes

You can upgrade your existing CouchDB 1.0.x installation to 1.3.0 without any specific steps or migration. When you run CouchDB, the existing data and index files will be opened and used as normal.

The first time you run a compaction routine on your database within 1.3.0, the data structure and indexes will be updated to the new version of the CouchDB database format that can only be read by CouchDB 1.3.0 and later. This step is not reversible. Once the data files have been updated and migrated to the new version the data files will no longer work with a CouchDB 1.0.x release.


If you want to retain support for opening the data files in CouchDB 1.0.x you must back up your data files before performing the upgrade and compaction process.

1.13.2. Version 1.3.1 Replicator Log System

  • COUCHDB-1794: Fix bug in WARN level logging from 1.3.0.

  • Don’t log about missing .compact files. #06f1a8dc View Server Miscellaneous

  • COUCHDB-1784: Improvements to test suite and VPATH build system. #01afaa4f

  • Improve documentation: better structure, improve language, less duplication.

1.13.3. Version 1.3.0 Database core Documentation Futon HTTP Interface Log System

  • COUCHDB-1380: Minor fixes for logrotate support.

  • Improve file I/O error logging and handling, #4b6475da

  • Module Level Logging, #b58f069167

  • Log 5xx responses at error level, #e896b0b7

  • Log problems opening database at ERROR level except for auto-created system dbs, #41667642f7 Replicator Security

  • COUCHDB-1060: Passwords are now hashed using the PBKDF2 algorithm with a configurable work factor. #7d418134 Source Repository

  • The source repository was migrated from SVN to Git. Storage System

  • Fixed unnecessary conflict when deleting and creating a document in the same batch. Test Suite

  • COUCHDB-1321: Moved the JS test suite to the CLI.

  • COUCHDB-1338: Start CouchDB with port=0. While CouchDB might be already running on the default port 5984, port number 0 let the TCP stack figure out a free port to run. #127cbe3

  • COUCHDB-1339: Use shell trap to catch dying beam processes during test runs. #2921c78

  • COUCHDB-1389: Improved tracebacks printed by the JS CLI tests.

  • COUCHDB-1563: Ensures urlPrefix is set in all ajax requests. #07a6af222

  • Fix race condition for test running on faster hardware.

  • Improved the reliability of a number of tests. URL Rewriter & Vhosts UUID Algorithms Query and View Server

  • COUCHDB-111: Improve the errors reported by the JavaScript view server to provide a more friendly error report when something goes wrong. #0c619ed

  • COUCHDB-410: More graceful error handling for JavaScript validate_doc_update functions.

  • COUCHDB-1372: _stats built-in reduce function no longer produces error for empty view result.

  • COUCHDB-1444: Fix missed_named_view error that occurs on existed design documents and views. #b59ac98b

  • COUCHDB-1445: CouchDB tries no more to delete view file if it couldn’t open it, even if the error is emfile.

  • COUCHDB-1483: Update handlers requires valid doc ids. #72ea7e38

  • COUCHDB-1491: Clean up view tables. #c37204b7

  • Deprecate E4X support, #cdfdda2314 Windows