1.1. 3.2.x Branch

1.1.1. Version 3.2.0 Features and Enhancements

  • #3643: Contribute a custom Erlang network protocol to CouchDB, users can specify nodes to use TCP or TLS.
The SSL/TLS handshake enables the TLS client and server to establish the secret keys with which they communicate.
  • #3472, #3473: Migrate some config options from [httpd] to [chttpd], migrate some from [couch_httpd_auth] to [chttpd_auth], and commented out in the default.ini.

    Moved config options from [httpd] to [chttpd]: allow_jsonp, changes_timeout, config_whitelist, enable_cors, secure_rewrites, x_forwarded_host, x_forwarded_proto, x_forwarded_ssl, enable_xframe_options, max_http_request_size.

    Moved config options from [couch_httpd_auth] to [chttpd_auth]: authentication_redirect, require_valid_user, timeout, auth_cache_size, allow_persistent_cookies, iterations, min_iterations, max_iterations, password_scheme, proxy_use_secret, public_fields, secret, users_db_public, x_auth_roles, x_auth_token, x_auth_username, cookie_domain, same_site

  • #3586: We added a new way of specifying basic auth credentials which can include various characters previously not allowed to be included in the url info part of endpoint urls.

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