2.7. CVE-2014-2668: DoS (CPU and memory consumption) via the count parameter to /_uuids

Affected:Apache CouchDB releases up to and including 1.3.1, 1.4.0, and 1.5.0 are vulnerable.
Vendor:The Apache Software Foundation

2.7.1. Description

The /_uuids resource’s count query parameter is able to take unreasonable huge numeric value which leads to exhaustion of server resources (CPU and memory) and to DoS as the result.

2.7.2. Mitigation

Upgrade to a supported CouchDB release that includes this fix, such as:

All listed releases have included a specific fix to

2.7.3. Work-Around

Disable the /_uuids handler completely, by adapting local.ini and restarting CouchDB:

_uuids =