2.2. Installation on Windows

There are two ways to install CouchDB on Windows.

2.2.1. Installation from binaries

This is the simplest way to go.

  1. Get the latest Windows binaries from CouchDB web site. Old releases are available at archive.
  2. Follow the installation wizard steps:
    • Next on “Welcome” screen
    • Accept the License agreement
    • Select the installation directory
    • Specify “Start Menu” group name
    • Approve that you’d like to install CouchDB as service and let it be started automatically after installation (probably, you’d like so)
    • Verify installation settings
    • Install CouchDB
  3. Open up Fauxton (if you hadn’t selected autostart CouchDB after installation, you have to start it first manually)
  4. It’s time to Relax!


In some cases you might been asked to reboot Windows to complete installation process, because of using on different Microsoft Visual C++ runtimes by CouchDB.


Upgrading note

It’s recommended to uninstall previous CouchDB version before upgrading, especially if the new one is built against different Erlang release. The reason is simple: there may be leftover libraries with alternative or incompatible versions from old Erlang release that may create conflicts, errors and weird crashes.

In this case, make sure you backup of your local.ini config and CouchDB database/index files.

2.2.2. Installation from sources

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