2. Installation

2.6. Single Node Setup

CouchDB 2.0 can be used in a single-node and cluster setup configuration. A single-node CouchDB 2.0 installation is what most users will be using. It is roughly equivalent to the CouchDB 1.x-series. Note that a single-node setup obviously doesn’t take any advantage of the new scaling and fault-tolerance features in CouchDB 2.0.

After installation and initial startup, visit Fauxton at You will be asked to set up CouchDB as a single-node instance or set up a cluster.

When you click “Single-Node-Setup”, you will get asked for an admin username and password. Choose them well and remember them. You can also bind CouchDB to a public port, so it is accessible within your LAN or the public, if you are doing this on a public VM.

When you run 2.0 as a single node, it doesn’t create system databases on startup. You have to do this manually:

curl -X PUT

curl -X PUT

curl -X PUT

See the next section for the cluster setup instructions.

2.7. Cluster Setup

See the Cluster Reference for details.

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